13, 14 October, Teatri di Vita, Bologna

15, 16 October, Festival 'Short Formats', CRT, Milano

OOFF - by Ant Hampton and Silvia Mercuriali

with Silvia Mercuriali and two unprepared guest performers, different each night:


Mini Lavette [sport-obsessed girl with whistle] opens her brain, and we walk in. There's a grid on the ground... squares - A1, D4 etc. On the grid with Mini are TWO COMPLETELY UNREHEARSED "guest" performers who listen to 'speakers' telling them what to do, eg. "Stand on B3. When you're shot, die, realistically, on C2".

OOFF is a fast-paced 'grid' strategy of overlapping and saturated instructions, exploring the strange ironies involved in dreaming - how the people and situations we 'create' often end up consipring against us, how fantasy can so easily flip into agony.

The pre-recorded voice - Mini's own - comes from two speakers; one for the male guest, the other for the female. The scenes flick between two states; one, bright and fast, where Mini is in control as a 'referee' and where the guests develop actions to match certain sound cues; the other, slower, darker and full of tensions which place the guests in greater control and Mini within nightmarish and uncomfortable loops of sport-themed insecurity, physical ineptitude and confusion.

"A mix of chess, Twister and HUMAN BINGO" - Bruce Morton

photo shows OOFF premiere at Hoxton Hall with Gemma Brockis [shunt], Tassos Stevens and Tassos Stevens