A Life Affirming Joyride Vol.1 is a celebration of the stripped down, but stripped of what exactly? Bulky sets, special effects, stale conventions perhaps, but not stripped without having found new rules in the process of creation. In their different processes all these performance makers are responsive to their environment and understand the marginal role so-called 'experimental' work has been allotted within it. Embracing Godard’s notion of the margin keeping the page however, these performances repudiate the aesthetic of the super production. They are instead highly crafted works that accept and find their voice within economic and spatial limitations and in doing so, destroy them. Rotozaza has brought together ten authentic and integral creations united by a virtuoso economy of means.

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12 Thursday>
TAYLAN HALICI> Slim Pickens's 2005 > You've played the cowboy all your life. You've had the perfect death in the arms of your wife with Bob Dylan singing to you from heaven. Now you're back in London. All the communists have gone. A 45 min. solo performance about communism, friendship and smoking from Taylan Halici, known for his collaborations with diverse companies such as Mapping 4D, Alibi, MKULTRA as well as his own solo performances.
BILL AITCHISON > Zones II-VI is like Sherlock Holmes meets Don Quixote in Palmers Green. Zones II-VI is where Bill's doppelganger searches for his elusive real self in ever decrerasing circles, gyratory systems, dodgy boozers and traffic islands without end. A solo performance by Bill Aitchison with consultant direction by Julia Barclay. Bill Aitchison is a performance artist, most known for his “guerrilla Live Art” performances in London and New York. In his double life as an experimental theatre actor he has performed widely across Europe and in the US with Ivana Müller, Apocryphal Theatre, The Present Company and Shadow Casters. For Zones II-VI he has been enticed to take the stage for himself where these two Bills may just meet.

13 Friday>
THE RIOT GROUP - A new short work from triple Fringe-First winners The Riot Group: WHITEWASHED. New England, 1675. A village washed away by flood. A woman standing over a man. A crowd around them. Then, a monologue. The first female stand-up comedian in North America, revealed. "‘It’s hard to imagine more brilliant or arresting new writing." - Daily Telegraph... "Sheer theatrical nerve and brilliance in performance." - The Scotsman... www.theriotgroup.com
GLEN NEATH - The highs and lows of owning your own home (an extract from a new play) starring John Ringham, Godfrey Jackman and Patrick Driver, followed by The Superheroes: Our hero is in the market for some new powers. . . but should he buy bespoke or off-the-peg? THE OUTGOING MAN, Glen Neath's “surreal and wickedly funny debut novel” (The Times) was published by Portobello Books in September 2005.
MATT RUDKIN - Naïve Dance Masterclass: On dance floors across the globe heroic geeks unleash their awkward beauty in jiggles and jerks, in worlds of their own, subverting the norms of cool.
Matt Rudkin’s career has meandered through performance art, puppetry, cabaret, street theatre and the teaching of these crafts.

14 Saturday>
MATT RUDKIN> PFALL: Brain clenching conjecture dissolves into balmy absurdity under the influence of the Professor Heinrich Pfall, nonsense therapist and latter-day star of vaudeville. Poetic prose with props and plopping sounds.
SAM BRITTON AND TED MILTON > IN KHARMS WAY: The works of Daniil Kharms (1905-1942, Russia) bring to the front of our collective consciousness a final, desperate image of the human condition. 'In Kharms Way' presents a snapshot of this reality, animated and shot into the present via the eager, intense vocalisation, saxophone playing and puppetry of Ted Milton and Sam Britton's deconstructed, rewired laptop computer.
Ted Milton is known for his band BLURT! - "Ted Milton's Demonic sax, and shouty, dadaist poetry, anguished & passionate psycho-funk, afro punk, fake no-wave trio. Over a period of 17 years [now 27] the mighty, mythic Blurt have festered and fulminated, swaggered and evolved into an unusual and uncompromising beast capable of a magic and sublime, dissonant and confrontationalist music [...]gyrating & ranting harder than ever..." - TIME OUT. Ted Milton and Sam Britton (Icarus) initially constructed 'In Kharms Way' as an 'experiment' for the Rotozaza 'Connexions' festival (Paris, 2001). It was subsequently developed into a full length show, and performed to much acclaim in Europe in 2002, and 2003.
MELANIE WILSON > SIMPLE GIRL: Mischievous and glacial in equal measure, a self-titled 'simple girl' flits between macabre tales and unseemly confessions, accompanying herself with an insouciant soundtrack of pertinent noise and low-level cheek. Manners however, become increasingly unpredictable and stories pleasingly audacious before an audience that are at once adjudicators, confidantes, play mates and quarry.
Melanie Wilson is a performer, sound artist and writer. She is co-founder of Patter theatre company.
'slippery stories from a cavernous imagination bigger and darker than Tim Burton's' Kultureflash

Once upon a time Brink Matts built a warehouse next to the hackney empire. They used the premises for storing their large bullion trucks. After an infamous robbery, in which the thieves followed the trucks from the warehouse to Heathrow airport, the company abandoned the site. It then became a wine warehouse, and then a paintshop for opera scenery. Their next door neighbours (The Hackney Empire) had always coveted the building. It was just the right size to become their long dreamed-of alternative theatre space. Now it serves the Hackney Empire. It is their aim to develop the space over the coming years for alternative and experimental work, providing Hackney with a space for a programme of groundbreaking, challenging and credible work.

Hackney Empire - 291 Mare Street - London E8 1EJ
Box Office - 020 8985 2424


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