written / directed by Ant Hampton

with Fausto Bernardinello, Valentina Colorni and Silvia Mercuriali.

Technical help from Alice Guareschi

Text manipulation / projection work by Alex Bianchini

The first of many ROTOZAZA projects with Silvia Mercuriali - set within DEPOSITO BULK (an occupied ex-school) in both a large deserted garden and a small building; audience moved from place to place.

Fragments of a fight, a fight for identity against fear and time.

A ballerina/ disco girl [can't decide], a long lost friend with a long red coat, and a so-called "tramp" who likes flowers and pretends to be drunk.

Broken families, burst balloons, broken glass. Confessions from up a tree. Scenes two metres from your eyes, scenes 100 m away, a quadraphonic total sound installation inside a 4000 m2 garden. Large explosions in an empty room, a Fiat 500 bursting with light, text projected in synchronicity with speech, William Tell impersonations, shadow dances, bed-time stories read aloud over megaphone, a lifetime of tears dug out of the ground.

Rotozaza [DUE] 1999


Since 1999 when we made DUE, the DEPOSITO BULK was taken over by the police and flattened so that drivers on a nearby road didn’t have to turn a corner.

Soon after they did this (december 2000), we made

MISS[1]TAKE in Metro Garibaldi just round the corner.

Here is a document detailing what happened in this performance (1mb, pdf)

Fausto Bernardinello

Valentina Colorni

Silvia Mercuriali