Guest performers for Rotozaza's DOUBLETHINK, August 2005 AURORA NOVA, Edinburgh Fringe

7 - Sarah Sanford [the Riot Group] and Anthony Roberts [Colchester Arts Centre / East to Edinburgh]
8 - Sarah Jones [the Independent] and Jorge Lopes Ramos [Zecora Ura]
10 - Rick Conte [Puppet Intervention / Three Monkeys] and Cecilia Gell
11 - Adriano Shaplin [Riot Group] and Susannah Hart [Station House Opera]
12 - Stephen Loader [Abort Comedy] and Faye Hunter [Cambridge Mummers]
13 - Geoff Sobelle [Rainpan 43] and Eilidth MacAskill [Reader]
14 - Matthew Bowyer [Station House Opera] and Charlotte Ford
15 - Mark Pencak and Hilary Foster [Third Angel]
17 - Kerry Norman and Lucy Randall
18 - Trey Lyford [Rainpan 43] and Vanessa-Faye Stanley
19 - Cassie Friend [Riot Group] and Troy Bowen [Rainpan 43]
20 - Ben Neale [Fuse] and Naomi Silman [Lume, Brasil]
21 - Claire Little and Neil Edmond
22 - Judith Williams and Don Mabley-Allen [Flaneur Productions]
24 - Satya Bhabha [Clod Ensemble] and Wendy Quelch.
25 - Tamara Allen-Cousins and Jake Oldershaw [Stan's Cafe]
26 - Amy Wells and William Bliss
27 - Tim Crouch [An Oak Tree] and Heather Burton [Stan's Cafe]
28 – Hilary O'Shaughnessy [Grid Iron] and Luke Burrough [7K]
29 - Sophie Woo [Time Cats] and Alexander Kelly [Third Angel]

< image, Anthony Roberts on August 7th, opening show

selection of press reviews from Edinburgh HERE

a selection of press reviews from Edinburgh HERE

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